Camping In The Woods

Just living isn’t enough. Once in a while, go into the forest, feel the sunshine, the freedom, and see what nature has to offer.

Unseen Outfits

It’s either you know fashion or you don’t. I think Max know his fashion. 

Artist With A Plan

A very down to earth person that can sing. Great model! Amazing singer.  

First Birthday Pic of 2017

Birthdays come around every year, but the friends you got only come once in a lifetime. Be glad you got a friend that came into your life and enjoy every age with them. Best wishes on your special day.

Red Mask

We all know how powerful and important a mask can be. It has the ability to protect a persons identity, yet dangerous enough for that person pretending to be someone else. Creator of your mask, leader of your story. Tell it right!

Smiles of a Child

From the day of their birth until their able to work, the smile of a child is satisfying. Seeing a happy and full of joy child is worth the time. But the best part of all is knowing that you are the cause for that smile.

Purple Lips

The ability to wear a color of richness and royalty isn’t easy. For your mind and body must be prepared for the responsibility that comes with it. With royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition, the color purple lies in all of as. You just have to find it.

Church Moments

The things we do after church makes you want to think, smile, and jump for joy.

Mono 15: Baseball

My childhood experience of baseball wasn’t that unique but playing in the summer’s rain make it special.