Unseen Outfits

It’s either you know fashion or you don’t. I think Max know his fashion. 

Artist With A Plan

A very down to earth person that can sing. Great model! Amazing singer.  

Summer Rooftop

At the edge of the rooftop, we could see the city including the Freedom Tower. Sadly, its was difficult to capture that in the images. This was a very unique building full with graffiti and a nice enter.  Everything was tagged excluding the floor. At the end of the day, I almost forgot about the…

Dark Streets

For a city that never sleep, the darkness has no effect on it. As the street shine bright in the night, we lost the stars that light up the sky but in return we get a more alive and colorful city. Love it or hate it but if you find comfort or feel relaxed, you…

Red Mask

We all know how powerful and important a mask can be. It has the ability to protect a persons identity, yet dangerous enough for that person pretending to be someone else. Creator of your mask, leader of your story. Tell it right!

Beach Time

There are three natural sounds during the season of summer. Those sounds are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. Enjoy happy times and good sunshine.

Nature is Beautiful

Need a break from the businesses of life? Want to escape the noise of the streets? Look towards nature and embrace the beauty it provides. This is the first step into purifying the mind and soul.

Business in Brookyln

When it comes down to business, everything is strictly business. However, when its time to have fun in business wear, anything is possible. Traveling to new locations, excluding the office space, you start to notice your appearance in different lightings and backgrounds. It’s always to thing little things that make your style unique. “Being perfectly well-dressed…

Summer Silhouette

The colors and shapes found in nature are outstanding.Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

Red Hot Heat

No matter the temperature or what mother nature throws your way, you still got to look your best in 95 degree heat. This is going to be a long summer.

Sunny Day at Camp

It was a beautiful day at Camp Victory Lake that bugs seemed to be the least of our problems. The photo shoot with Jenny (Wilde Royalty) was great as always. Discovering new places, new faces, and learning to how to deal with those landscapes was the best part of the shoot. To view more of…

Male Model

Modeling is a nice job. Just remember to make it your number one priority.