Starting of Summer!

There were a lot of dresses to photograph that day but with great company, time went by quickly. Thanks to everyone that came out to learn, help, and have fun together. 

Another Warm Day

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. It can tell a story and guideline you into a happy place. On this warm day, that smile set the mood to the type of shoot i’ll be having for the rest of the day.  

Red Poison Lips

With a nod you took the poison from her lips And allowed it with a warm embrace Like a chimney the smoke rise up fogged the room What a view?

Roseclary Sweet 16

Sixteen candles Wishes and dreams Exciting adventures Endless fun Time of your life

Suit Up

Fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it. Making your style unique.

Smiles of a Child

From the day of their birth until their able to work, the smile of a child is satisfying. Seeing a happy and full of joy child is worth the time. But the best part of all is knowing that you are the cause for that smile.

Turkey Day

What was on the table during Thanksgiving? Everything from the turkey to the apple pie.

All White Affair 

A wonderful night at this All White Affair event. So many beautiful people with wonderful talents and skills. #AfricaWeek

Trying On Mother’s Hats

She kept those hats on sheaves, under the bed, and in closets.   The collection was endless and shockingly impressive. The best hats could be find at the top of the shelf Placed in boxes shaped snare drums. From black and white to beautiful hues, made choosing even more difficult. 

Matches with a Top Hat

With in this box of matches contains a secret life. Where happy hour in the summer is really Happy at Ruppert’s.