Camping In The Woods

Just living isn’t enough. Once in a while, go into the forest, feel the sunshine, the freedom, and see what nature has to offer.

Vacation Bunny

In the summer of 2013, my friend and I took at road trip to Miami, Florida. During my vacation, I find this glass bunny. This is where my love for photography kinda begun.

Beyond This

Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond.

A Break From The Cold

Enjoying the warm air in the Spring. Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.

Snowy Day in NYC

Capturing snow in images are so hard but for some reason, I manage to photograph them in those images.

Men Suited In Nature

If you have a well-tied tie, that is the first serious step in life. Combine that with the ability the adapt to your surroundings and you’re prepared for the world. 

Nature is Beautiful

Need a break from the businesses of life? Want to escape the noise of the streets? Look towards nature and embrace the beauty it provides. This is the first step into purifying the mind and soul.

Embracing Nature

Just another day walking in the woods! Without a clue what I would find, we continued on scouting for locations to shoot. A huge rock as big as a wrecking ball lied in a stream of water. From this angle, Marc aka Lifeinhd77, looked like he was on top of the world. The final spot lied deep…