Gone Too Far?

When you reach the point of illness or loss, the only thing running through your mind is finding your way out. Feeling hopeless and helpless, you reach out a hand hoping someone, anyone will pull you up. Sadly,there’s  no one around to hear the cry. Dwelling on the thought of loneliness…. _MG_1014blA rush of anger and sadness fights their way through from the depth of the heart and turns the whole heart black. With an eagerness to shed a tear, I gently placed my head on my knees and began to silently cry. At this point, I truly felt alone until, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a large shadow. _MG_1020blThis entity drew closer as my bowed head begins to rise, tracking its movement; until I reached the point I can no longer see it in sight. The natural need to flee kicked in and I was full of adrenaline ready to fight back. The smell of an old sock hit me so hard that my fear of an unknown shadow vanished for a second. BOOM! The entity came out of the darkness. Scared, I quickly moved back and was able to see the unknown. Before I can get a word out, it said “Why are you sitting in the dark?” I said, “Mother, you scared me and I’m alone.” _MG_1019bl After explaining to mother how depression has taken over my life for a short moment, all she said was “My child! Loneliness is one of those things about life that I dislike. However, what most worries me is who would care and be there for you when I’m gone.” As I looked into her loving eyes, I thought about the answer. She continued, “when you are ever feeling loneliness or depression, remember there will always be someone here for you.” She kissed my forehead and walked toward her room. But before she gone too far I said with a smile… _MG_1016bl“Thank mom! Now can you help me up. I’m sick of sitting on this cold floor” Mother said with attitude, “Child, I got back problems, get yourself up!”


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