March of 30 Faces

Day 1

Starting off the month with the photographer image. Photographer must always be skilled in posing for the camera.

IMG_0030 2

Day 4

Setting a high fashionable bar for all. Dressed head to toe, who said you can’t make fashion your own.

faDay 5

Prepared to enter a room and make my presence known.


Day 6

Yes! We might just be a little mad for men in plaid! This modern day outfit show you how this guy can add a bit of causal flair to his outfit. Perfect for a fall or winter.


Day 7

A brother, rapper, son, artist, Trying to to capture one of those is no that easy. Which one do you see?


Day 8

My baby sister moving up the success ladder. So proud!


Day 9

Beware of the outfit that appears from the darkness. Always look stylish!


Day 10

All ladies should have a little black dress in their walk in closet.

_MG_0492blogDay 11

Not here to impose, copy, or mock, just here to pose and have fun.

_MG_0178blogDay 12

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action, that hard work.

_MG_0382blogDay 13

Release the artist side of you.

_MG_0421 copy

Day 14
Wanna know the secret for young and beautiful skin? Keep it Moisturize by drink a lot of water!


Day 15

Being handsome wasn’t much of a burden. It worked for me._MG_0464

Day 16

Living in Gotham City! Learn to create your fashion, style, and breaking out with a trend.

_MG_0479blDay 17

Dancing is like flowing in the air.

_MG_0817blDay 18

The art of dance; its the hidden language of the soul and body.

_MG_0804blDay 19

The happiness that’s gained from the art of dance could only be felt from the artist.

_MG_0829blDay 20

The motions of dance makes it look beautiful, while motiveless makes it dull.

_MG_0776blDay 21

The art of dance is a scream of freedom.

_MG_0795blDay 22

Praise is what I do.

_MG_0725blDay 23

Genius or Visionary? As long as there’s a framework and a dream success shall come!

_MG_9923blDay 24

People will stare. Make it worth it while your style speak for itself.

_MG_1081blDay 25

Take a flight to New York and experience it’s uniqueness.



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