Growing Food Justice in Brooklyn Documentary

“The documentary “Growing Food Justice in Brooklyn” (by Stevenson C., Christian F., Alfonso Francois G., Jerry J. and Luishka R.), makes a case for the necessary creation of new healthy food options in some Brooklyn communities, where obesity rates are high and fast food predominates.” – The Newspaper of Lower Manhattan

At age 17, this photo was taken (photo below) and 16 years old of age was when the video was created. In the year 2010, while still in high school, a tack was given, which would not only reveal the limited health food supplies in my neighborhood but also give me the ability to create a health food diet.

Stevenson Catul Filmmaker Stevenson Catul attends the Tribeca Film Institute screening of "Our City, My Story" during the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival at American Museum of the American Indian on April 29, 2011 in New York City.

On April 29, 2011, as I prepared myself for the TFI, I realized that everyone who participated in creating the documentary played a major role. As I played the role of film/video editor and operating the camera, my teammates provided the final pieces which were undertaking interview, dealing with check sound, and maintaining organization among us. Once I arrived, all the filmmakers would place on line and sent backstage. There had to be over 200-400 people there that day because it took time to get everyone to sit. While attending the Tribeca Film Institute screening of “Our City, My Story” during the 2011, there are no explanations to the different type of emotion I felt that day. There were so many great filmmakers and talented people who put in time and effort to develop understanding films.

As I waited on line to go present my film with the team, all could think about is how far we have gone to finally be in this amazing event. When it was my team turn to present, I took the microphone and said “Hi, my name is Stevenson and I’m the editor of my Growing Food Justice in Brooklyn.” While sitting there, I began to search throughout the audience for the person who really supported this project. Once I’ve find Clarisa, my hands stop shaking, my voice got loader and the words started flowing out my mouth perfect. “Do you know your local green garden?” I said to the audience. “If you don’t, go back and support them. For obesity is a problem in the USA and we must change it.”

It would be easy to compare that day to graduation but there was a greater feeling felt that day. Although this event was only for one day, it opens a new chapter full of possibilities.


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